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Mootup is the way to build argumentative writing skills as
expected by the Common Core State Standards. Mootup provides both
writing instruction as well as a revolutionary new writing format that
students love.


In Mootup assignments, students are not writing in a bubble. Students are paired up, and take turns writing arguments and rebuttals against an anonymous classmate.


Mootup taps into two things today’s students love: social networking and competition. As a result, students have more fun and complain less, even while doing a writing assignment.

Helps Meet and Exceed Standards

State standards are more effectively met by including Mootup in curricula. Mootup helps students improve argumentative and persuasive writing skills that are heavily emphasized in the Common Core State Standards.
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Inspires Critical Thinking

Students learn to think critically as they delve deeper into topics using Mootup while building effective logic and reasoning skills.


Students are given guidance to help them organize their thoughts into the type of structured argumentative writing that is expected by Common Core.

Easier Grading

Mootup assignments are easier and more interesting to read because of Mootup’s interactive format, and Mootup provides participation data to help educators grade. Educators are able to begin grading as soon as students start submitting arguments without having to wait for the entire assignment to be complete.

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